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BRE, Watford

BRE has its headquarters based on a site near Watford and has been maintained by Frosts since 2014. The offices and development/testing buildings are located in grounds approaching 70 acres. There is the original Country House on site dating from the 19th century.

The grounds are mainly laid to grass with ornamental planting around the many buildings on site and including large hedges near the old house. The perimeter is largely woodland with shallow natural ponds. Frosts are working with the client to develop and improve the biodiversity on site and make the grounds more appealing for their staff and visitors.

The grounds contain mature tree stock and woodland. The formal and amenity grass areas are cut on a weekly cycle using a combination of pedestrian mowers and ride on rotary mowers with collection facility. The ornamental borders are kept clear of weeds by mechanical and chemical means. Pruning and shrub clipping is carried out using hand tools and mechanical hedge trimmers.

There are a number of planters outside the restaurant that are kept colourful all year round and watered and maintained by our staff. Due to the large numbers of trees on site, leaf collection is crucial and we employ leaf blowers, ride on rotary mowers with collection facility and sweepers to collect the leaf litter. Regular scavenges are carried out to collect and remove any litter on site. Trees are checked for epicormics throughout the growing season and removed as required.

During the period to date we have steadily improved the grounds mainly through the dedication of our resident gardener, but also through the improvement initiatives proposed by our Contracts Manager at little or no cost to BRE.

The woodland area was of particular interest as the floor had been taken over by brambles which were choking out other species. We noticed the Bluebells trying to grow amongst the Brambles and suggested that we should clear a section of the Bramble to allow the Bluebells to thrive thus increasing the bio-diversity of the area. It proved to be a very worthwhile exercise.

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