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Edgware Community Hospital


The landscaping strategy for this project was to give a high quality hospital environment, a pleasant working environment for staff and patients alike and to ensure that the landscaping contributed to a therapeutic process. The aim of the scheme was to give each area an interesting and varied landscape by using the many hard and soft landscaping materials available.

The contract ran for over a year and we faced major issues during this time in regard to access to the courtyards through the building.

Creating the Ampi-theatre in courtyard seven was a major challenge due to the change of levels, setting out and the laying of the Blanc de Bierges paving.

The roof terrace was interesting to create using crushed blue galss, white granite and mosaic tiles to create an abstract flower head effect.

The real challenge was the construction of road ten and eight in terms of access and re-routing the public in and out of the hospital.


Project details

Barnet Primary Care NHS Trust
Landscape Architect
Quartet Design