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Milton Park, Abingdon

In 2013, Frosts Landscapes won the contract with MEPC for Milton Park, a large Business Park at Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The Park is a very dynamic environment and is one of the largest in the country set on 650 acres with 250 tenants and a population of over 7,500

Once we had established ourselves on the contract and learned the contract boundaries and specification it was clear that improvements to the service could be made. Initially we improved the green waste composting facility by creating specific bays so that the green waste could be sorted. We also used an area that was large enough to carry out the whole process, therefore removing the cost of moving the green waste before it had composted. The facility is fully operational with PAS 100 standard compost being produced which is then used as a soil improver back across the site.

One aspect that we found challenging was maintaining the landscape around the many car-parks which would be full from an early hour in the morning. In collaboration with the client, they allowed us to change the working pattern of the landscape staff so that we could work seven days a week; utilising the quieter weekend periods to concentrate on the car-parking and other busy areas of the site.

We did this by creating two working shift patterns (four members of staff on each); one works five days from Tuesday to Saturday and the other works five days from Sunday to Thursday. This allows two things: we manage to get seven days a week working to carry out tasks in the busy areas at a quieter time and we also have three days a week when all staff are working together for labour intensive operations, such as hedge cutting or ditch cleaning.

Milton Park is an evolving site with areas of re-development, both in terms of landscaping improvements and building re-developments continually taking place. In the past twelve months, we have carried out an additional £200,000 of landscape improvement works encompassing the design element and the implementation of new landscaping schemes. We have the skills and resources to carry out these works through our landscape construction and design departments that are also based at our Head office.

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