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Network Rail HQ - Interior

Central Milton Keynes

The new Network Rail Headquarters in Milton Keynes included soft landscaping, which also encompassed the Internal planting.

Frosts are delighted to have been awarded a 2014 eFig Interior landscaping 'Gold Leaf' award for this project in the Design and Installation category.  It also secured the 'Judges Commendation' award, which is equivalent to the BALI Principal Award.

Frosts are pleased to have been awarded a 2013 national BALI landscaping award for the Network Rail Project in the Interior Landscape - Installation Only category.

Internal Works included:

  • 4     Ficus microcarpa 'Nitida' 6-7m high
  • 2     Ficus  Amstel King 6-6.5m
  • 1     Ficus longifolia 1.8m standard
  • 2     Ficus Alli 2.5m high
  • 1     Ficus lyrata Multi Stem 4.75m
  • 1     Bucidia buceras 6m
  • 1     Ficus lyrata 6.5 m C/Stem
  • 29   Raphsis excelsa bush for planters
  • 4     Dracaena marginiata 2.5m x 800mm
  • 225 Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri 15cm
  • 85   Sanserveria Laurentii 1100mm
  • 70   Sanserveria Laurentii 600cm
  • 240 Ficus repens P9

To enable the large trees to be turned in the atrium (to encourage even growth) the tree pits have golf balls under the containers to allow movement.

Frosts had a one year maintenance contract to cover the interior works, which was carried out on a weekly basis and consisted of:

•  Watering the plants.
•  Feeding the plants between the months of April to October.
•  Leaf cleaning to remove dust and dirt.
•  Checking moisture levels on all plants.
•  Removing any dead or dying leaves.
•  Checking for pests and disease and using appropriate control methods.
•  Turning the trees in the atrium area pits to encourage even distribution of growth over the year.
•  Cleaning and pruning of the atrium trees twice a year.
•  Cleaning up all mess created (if any) before leaving site.
•  Monthly management review meeting with client.


Project details

Network Rail
Jan 2012 - Sep 2012 / Maintenance Sep 2012 - Sep 2013
Main Contractor
Bam Construction