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Justin Crook In The Press

28th July 2015

Back in September 2014, Justin was commuting to work when he saw Carmen lying on the roadside accompanied by her husband. From what he saw he knew something was wrong and immediately parked up and ran to see if he could help. Moments later, he began conducting CPR on Carmen as it quickly became apparant that she was suffering a cardiac arrest.

After two months of being in a medically induced coma in hospital and a further two and a half months of extensive treatment and recuperation, Carmen's remarkable recovery meant she was finally able to return home. 

Following on from the ordeal, last month Carmen was able to meet with Justin in order to express her gratitude for his quick thinking. Carmen said: "Others may have just driven by, but Justin's split-second decision means my husband still has a wife and my children still have a mum."

It's so wonderful to see that a member of our team here at Frosts is getting such well deserved recognition for his courageous actions.

You can read the full article here.