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Library of Birmingham Project in the news

10th September 2013

Frosts recently completed the hard and soft landscaping works on two outdoor terraces at the new Library of Birmingham.  Over 90,000 plants including perennials & evergreens, grasses, salad leaves & herbs, small trees, fruiting trees and bushes were used to create the contrasting atmospheres.

The lower terrace (on Level 3) is the more active of the two terraces. In the ‘heart of the library’, it is a space where in good weather one would go to have a view over Centenary square, or to sit and read a book. In contrast to the terrace on level 7, where this is a space for events, play, performances and exhibitions. Link to BBC article see slide 12

Also see BBC Video ‘Inside the new Library of Birmingham 2 September 2013’ which has a good aerial view of the landscaping on levels 3 & 7 at 2min 40secs into the video. 

Breaking News!  Frosts have just been awarded a 2013 national BALI Award for the LIbrary of Birmingham Project in the green roofs category.

Level 3

Level 7