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Tree Planting at Orchards School

2nd December 2011

Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd and BAM Construction planted 12 fruit trees (apple, pear, plum and cherry) with some of the children from the Forest Club, year 4 at Orchards school, Milton Keynes. The afternoon started with a classroom talk/visual screen presentation by Elena Goodspeed (BAM) on how and why we should look after the environment, which was followed by a quiz.  The children then went outside to help with the planting of their fruit trees and thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty. The afternoon concluded with hot chocolate being served in the children's own wild area. The children asked lots of questions about the trees and their care, most of which Malcolm & Trevor were able to answer.  An enjoyable day was had by all.

Malcolm Sharp (Frosts), Elena Goodspeed (BAM), Guy Milton (BAM), Trevor Miller (Frosts) and some of the children from the Forest club, year 4 at Orchards School.