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NEO Bankside

London (near Tate Modern)

NEO Bankside is a high profile residential development and is a joint venture with Native Land and Grosvenor situated next to the Tate Modern. Frosts helped the client make considerable savings through a value engineering process, but still managed to keep to the design concept.

Frosts are delighted to have been presented with a BALI Award for the NEO Bankside Project in the Grounds Maintenance - Private (costing under £50k) category, due to be presented at the 2014 BALI Landscaping Awards ceremony in London.

Frosts are delighted to have been presented two BALI Principal Awards for the NEO Bankside Project in the Hard Landscaping £330k - £1.5m and Soft Landscaping £330k - £1.5m categories at the 2013 BALI Landscaping Awards ceremony in London.

The hard landscaping works included the following:

  • 3000m2 of granite paving.
  • Granite stepping stones, and natural paddle stepping stones.
  • 500m3 steel reinforced concrete.
  • Installation of retaining walls and granite cladding.
  • Installation of granite steps on all pedestrian areas.
  • Installation of bespoke granite ‘bridge’ walls.
  • Several hundred metres of ACO drain adjacent buildings as well as bespoke curved ACO.
  • Installation of stainless steel lettering and boundary markers within paving.
  • Other associated hard landscaping.

The soft landscaping blends private garden spaces with tree-lined linear groves of Alder and Birch trees.  To introduce a high level of biodiversity, large tracts of native plants set within the grove of trees to provide a ‘bank’ of flowers, seeds and nesting material that will encourage a range of wildlife to the space. An orchard of seasonal fruiting trees and a well-stocked herb garden give residents access to produce, encouraging active participation in the management of the gardens. The colour and fragrance of the herb garden adds to sensory delight of the garden areas. A traditional sedum roof was built on top of the bin store areas, west of the service ramp to encourage bees and butterflies to the garden.

Logistically NEO Bankside was a very difficult project in terms of day-to-day working due to the restrictions, coordination of other trades, and generally working in very tight areas with minimal manoeuvrability.  A good, proactive working relationship with Carillion was paramount for the success of the project.  See attached Health and Safety Award.

This project was completed in four phases:

  • Phase 1 Dec 2010
  • Phase 2 Mar 2011
  • Phase 3 Oct 2012
  • Phase 4 Apr 2013

The NEO Bankside scheme won the Best Landscaped Development category in the Sunday Times British Homes Awards for 2013.   It also won a GOLD in the New Homes and Gardens Award 2012 for Best Communal Garden/Landscape, and GOLD for the Best Landscaped Urban Development.

Project details

Native Land Ltd
4 Phases (Oct 2010 - Apr 2013)
£2.3 million
Main Contractor
Landscape Architect
Gillespies/Neil Tully Associates