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Soft Landscaping Services

Whether you want your soft planting to be natural, subtle or to make a big, bold statement, it is important that you use a horticultural team with the knowledge and skill to deliver your vision.

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…All our topsoils and subsoils are tested to ensure they meet British Standard specifications.
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Soft planting schemes are designed for their purpose
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Soft Landscaping Experience

At Frosts, our first love is plants: it’s at the very heart of why the company was formed all those years ago; it’s why we get out of bed in the morning!

Our experienced team of skilled horticultural operatives has worked on numerous soft planting schemes from formal to the informal, intensive to the extensive, traditional to the unusual. One of the many benefits we can offer our clients thanks to our 60 years of horticultural experience, is the confidence and assurance of a first-class scheme, stocked with quality plants that will thrive in the years to come with the help of our dedicated aftercare team.

We have over 60 years experience of handling semi-mature trees up to 1.4m girth. All our trees are carefully selected and inspected together with our clients at our chosen nurseries before delivery of them is taken. We encourage our clients to attend all plant inspections, regardless of the plant pallet selected, at both our British and European supply chains, to ensure the plant stock selected is exactly what you want, and up to the required standard. With our wealth of experience, you can be sure you will receive advice on the best species and cultivar to choose. Sometimes, these may not be the ones shown on the Landscape Architect’s drawing, but because we always have your best interests at heart, we are confident you will be delighted with your final choice.

One Site Plant Nursery
One Site Plant Nursery

Our extensive experience working on projects within the confines of town and city centres means we are used to the issues presented by working in very tight areas with restricted access. Challenges such as craning trees through open roof spaces and removing windows onto internal courtyards through which to manhandle materials, are everyday obstacles for us and pose no problems that we can’t solve with a bit of ingenuity.

Whatever your remit, we will have had the relevant experience. We have worked as both main contractor and subcontractor on a wide range of projects: council regeneration designs, lottery-funded public parks, hospitals, schools, private estates, show gardens, shopping centres, universities, hotels, road, rail, headquarters for organisations and new office developments.

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At Frosts, our first love is plants: it’s at the very heart of why the company was formed all those years ago.

Soft Landscaping Services

  • Hillock Rem Tree 038w

    Tree planting: all sizes up to 1.1m girth

  • Fenchurch Street Planting

    Shrubs, perennials, herbaceous planting

  • Sloane Street WP 20160510 09 37 42 Pro

    Wild flowers, seeding and bulbs

  • Hedge


  • Jubilee soil prep

    Topsoils and Subsoils

  • Groundworks Soil Preparation


  • Aerial 2 Credit SBEG

    River and lake work

  • 4 IMG 2308w

    Irrigation systems

  • Turfing a roof




It all starts with the soil. It is said that there are more living organisms in a tablespoonful of soil than there are people on this earth. This is why we are very particular in getting exactly the right soil for each scheme. We work closely with leading UK soil scientists to make sure we have the most current recommendations to do this.

All our topsoils and subsoils are tested to ensure they meet British Standard specifications, with the correct organic matter and nutrient content to suit each planting scheme. We have all too often seen topsoils poorly handled on sites resulting in a denatured soil which is no longer fit for purpose. We encourage our clients to use us to procure and place soils for their scheme. That way, you can be confident that your project will have the best possible start.

Nursey Inspection
Nursey Inspection


The long term relationship we have with our network of British and European suppliers means that they know and understand exactly what we expect in terms of quality for the schemes we work on, and, like ourselves, they have the same commitment to deliver a professional and reliable service.

Soft Landscaping that will thrive for years to come with the help of our dedicated aftercare team.

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