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Upton Way, Northampton

The Upton contract site is approximately 70 Hectares in size and comprises the infrastructure for a large housing development with adjoining, playing fields and parkland. The scheme has an open SUDS system that runs from the housing development through the parkland and into the river.

Frosts were delighted to have been presented with a BALI Award for Upton Way, Northampton in the Grounds Maintenance - Free Public Access category at the 2014 BALI Landscaping Awards ceremony in London. 

Frosts have maintained the site under the direction of our client, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), and working to the defined specification.  During that period we have worked closely with HCA to improve the standards on site and enhance the landscape scheme.

The SUDS have been designed and maintained to blend in with the formality of the residential area and its surrounding landscape. As they flow under the road to the parkland areas the sides become less formal and take on a more natural and wild feel to again blend in and complement the surrounding landscape.

The SUDS have been showcased by The HCA on several occasions during our tenure as a good practice example of a sustainable urban drainage system, one of the first of its kind in the area.  The University of Northampton have carried out studies on the SUDS and conducted open days to the general public.  Frosts have assisted by ensuring the SUDS are functioning as they should be and are tidy for these occasions.

We carry out a coppicing cycle to borders and the SUDS to rejuvenate the planting and to enhance the free flow of the water in the SUDS.  We also undertake periodical checks to the woodland areas and carry out any emergency tree works by separate instruction.

One of the challenges of maintaining this site is the different landscape elements and distinct areas within the site.  We are continually reviewing our maintenance operations and responding to local issues such as the problem we had on recycling day with cans, paper and bottles blowing around the site from overfull receptacles. 

The residential area contains a play area which we inspect on a weekly basis for any safety issues. The sports pitches are marked out on a regular basis and we carry out regular spiking.  After the end of the football season the worn areas of the pitches are renovated, including topdressing and over seeding.  Large areas of the site are given over to wildflower and haylage.  These areas are cut and baled once per annum, with the hay going to a local farmer.

The site has grown and evolved over the past five years and as more housing is completed the local population has grown, bringing with it its own challenges which we work with the client to resolve and address.

We have worked very closely with the HCA over the years to carry out improvements to the landscape, some examples include; introducing wildflower matting to the sides of the SUDS and transforming a rill and small ponds into planted borders.

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Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)
The scheme has been maintained for the last six years
Main Contractor
Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd