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Frosts Vertiscapes’ in-house technical and practical expertise allows us to install and design innovative schemes from extensive roofs through to complex intensive roofs. Whether on podium or on the 20th floor our schemes are designed with ecology in mind and promote the use of native plants.

What’s in a Name?

Frosts name is synonymous with horticulture expertise and quality.  Our experienced staff, many of whom have been with the company between 10 to 20 years, ensures everything we do is at the cutting edge of industry thinking through their approach, knowledge and teamwork.

The term ‘green roof’ is generally used to cover a wide range of schemes from roof gardens and terraces through to sedum roofs. Whatever the scheme, they all come under the category of extensive or intensive roofs.

Ropemaker London (extensive / intensive)

What are Extensive Roofs?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  These types of roofs biodiversity, brown (wildflower), green, including sedum are not always seen as pretty, but they provide essential habitats for local wildlife such as birds, bees, insects, butterflies and moths.

Most people’s conception of a green roof is sedum, whilst it is a useful part of the mix it has limited biodiversity value.  Frosts take great care in selecting the right plants to provide the best environment for a thriving ecosystem.

Brighton University

What are Intensive Roofs?

These are roofs which generally have public access, deep substrates to support large plant material including trees, and generally schemes which have high quality paving, water features and irrigation systems, which have significant loading to the roof structure.

The Focus for Green Roofs

Biodiversity must be the main focus for green roofs with consideration given to:

  • Hiring a Specialist Consultant
  • Company / Individual Requirements
  • Loadings
  • Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Health & Safety (fall arrest/man-safe systems)
  • Access

The Way Forward for Retrofitting

‘It is estimated 32% of the land area in Central London are roofs that could be greened.’

In recent years green roof design has developed on the back of the Swiss, Germans and Austrians, however at present the British Industry is making great strides in terms of innovative and more interesting and practical ways of installing green roofs, particularly for extensive roofs.

Frosts Vertiscapes are researching alternative ways of retrofitting green roofs to help solve the loading issue, which saw the popularity of sedum roofs over the years.  Our vision is to see more biodiversity in the designs being used by Clients and Landscape Architects.  In this pursuit we are trialling various methods to decrease the weight of the substrate without decreasing the depth, which would be suitable for buildings with structurally weaker roofs.

Vizion, Milton Keynes