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New Vehicle Fleet

Van 1

One of the small silver linings we have seen during the COVID-19 lockdown is the reduction in co2 emissions within our cities. It is not clear how this will translate as we are now being encouraged back into our cars rather than utilising public transport. Being encouraged to use our cars is hopefully a temporary monumental shift in approach compared to the last decade. We have all been working so hard towards getting out of our cars and on to public transport. This new directive present challenges to people living within our inner cities, many of whom have no access to vehicles; however, they are being encouraged to get to work without using public transport.

London and many major cities with the UK and throughout Europe have introduced ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) and clean air zones (CAZ) Any diesel car or van that does not meet the Euro 6 standard requirements will be subject to a daily charge when driving within city centres.

Euro 6 emissions standards set the maximum limits for certain harmful gases and particulate matter a vehicle is allowed to emit, chief amongst these are nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons. The standards and rightly so is set to become more rigid, almost annually. We run several hybrid vehicles within our fleet, and until greater infrastructure is put in place to charge commercial vans, we have opted for Euro6 vans the first of the new fleet of vehicles is on the road. The first of the fleet also have bears or new logo and livery.