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Mental Health First Aid

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Frosts Landscapes train another 4 people to be Mental Health First Aiders.

Most adults spend at least a third of their time at work. We have to start here to change how society deals with mental health now and in the future. In conjunction with the British Association of Landscape Industries and MFHA England, we now have a total of six trained mental health first aiders, who are here to talk.

"Our mental health is at least as important as our physical health. It strongly affects our daily lives – how they feel to us, as well as our ability do the things we need and want to, including work, study, getting on with people and looking after ourselves and others.

Another way to think about mental health is like thinking about the weather. As the seasons change, the weather does too. There are bright and sunny days which make us feel happy and want to do things like going outdoors, but on other days the weather can change to darker, rainy days, where you don’t feel like leaving the house. Like the weather, your mental health can go through periods of positive and bright bursts of energy, and it can also dip and drag you down a darker road. You may feel tired and lack motivation or energy to do the simple things, such as getting out of bed or getting on with your day.

Whatever you are feeling, know that this is completely normal, and you can seek support or speak to family and friends about how you are feeling.

Many people are reluctant to talk about their feelings and their mental health – there is still a stigma around it. Ironically, not sharing our feelings with anyone, or even knowing what they are, can make our mental health worse. Talking can help us find hope again, and feel closer to other people" Quoted from the mental health Foundation

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