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Our commitment to the Environment

Frosts has a commitment to the prevention of pollution to land, water or air by its activities. Our policies and approach to environmental issues is demonstrated by our Lloyds UKAS 14001 certification.

The sustainable development challenge is to get a balance between the three main components (social, natural and economic).  Being socially responsible and involving local communities, while using native plant species and reducing the amount of natural resources used, resulting in the most economically viable solution.

Sustainable construction is at the heart of Frosts Commercial Landscaping strategy by using as many sustainable and recycled materials as possible, reducing waste, liaising with soil specialists and consultant ecologists to minimise the impact to the surrounding ecology, and working closely with our customers, clients and suppliers in providing the highest quality hard and soft landscaping schemes for the future.

Working with Local Communities

Frosts commitment to enhancing the biodiversity of our projects includes sponsoring local community projects by donating plants, bee walls, bird boxes etc., and providing horticultural advice and expertise.

Photo:  A local primary school were invited to take part in planting the wildlife area and scatter wild flower seed at the Network Rail National Centre in Milton Keynes, which was sponsored by Frosts and Bam Nuttall.

Orchard Hill School Milton Keynes

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We encourage our employees to use ‘green transport’ and have helped reduce traffic related air pollution by introducing LPG vehicles for some of our London operations; and have increased our typical construction vans seating capacity by 50%.

For each project we look at the means of transport we use for staff and supplies in order to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we led the way in transporting 60% of the 4000m3 of subsoil/topsoil by rail rather than by road for the Olympics.

We also source materials locally where possible, as for the Peacehaven project near Brighton where some 3500m3 of substrates were sourced and mixed within a 30 miles radius of the site.

Water Management

Water is crucial to the successful propagation of plants, therefore as a Landscaping business we need to look at the management of water in our operations.

At our head offices (Woburn Sands) all plant nursery irrigation systems are on timers to reduce the amount of water used to irrigate our plants.  We have also constructed a 220,000 litre water tank to collect grey water off the greenhouse roofs, this in turn is used to supply our irrigation system with a constant supply of water for our vegetables, flowers, and power washes.  The tank enables us to greatly reduce our dependency on the mains water throughout the summer period when demand is high. We are also in the planning stages of using rainwater from our greenhouse roofs to irrigate the plants in our nurseries.

Water tank and pump house at Frosts head offices.

Environmental Responsibility‚Ä®

Every little helps, it’s not just about the landscaping projects at our clients’ sites, but here at our head offices where we undertake the following:

  • Regularly review supply chains, adopt waste minimisation procedures and use sustainable design techniques wherever possible.
  • Carry out regular environmental impact assessments.
  • Recycle office paper, cardboard, toner cartridges, metal, electrical equipment.
  • Recycle chippings into mulch.
  • Recycle green waste into compost, this is turned on a regular basis to prevent it becoming anaerobic.
  • Crate materials where possible to avoid extra packaging.
  • Re-use and recycle plastic plant pots.
  • Source Christmas trees from suppliers who demonstrate sustainable processes.

Frosts are also proud to have been a Finalist in the Construction News Specialists Awards 2011 in the Sustainability category.

Aerating Compost at Frosts Landscape Construction's Head Office.