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Alistair Bayford

Managing Director at Frosts Landscapes

A Chartered Landscape Architect with over 20 years’ experience designing, constructing and managing parks and public realm in London. His work has seen him leading teams in large scale regeneration and placemaking projects in London and the South East.

Alistair Bayford
  • How did you become involved in Horticulture?

    I was introduced to the industry through various influential people during my childhood. One of them was my grandfather, who had a passion for cultivating and selling Fuschias. Additionally, my father, who worked as an estate manager, introduced me to the world of landscape management at a young age, often seen accompanying him at work for a bit of pocket money. At the age of 13, I stumbled upon Landscape Architecture and arranged a one-week work experience placement at Liz Lake Associates. This experience motivated me to continue exploring the industry during subsequent summers, working at a plant nursery and for a local landscape contractor. I later pursued my undergraduate degree at Writtle College and my postgraduate degree at Greenwich, ultimately achieving my Chartership in 2008. During this time, the London Olympics were underway, and I seized an opportunity to transition to the client side. following this and in 2012, I accepted a role that involved overseeing the long term management and maintenance of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which has provided some of the richest learning experiences and proudest career moments. Since then, I have fully immersed myself in the industry, gaining substantial experience in landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

  • Tell me about your career with Frosts to date?

    Although I have just begun my journey with Frosts, my association with the company dates back to 2010 when I was on the client side at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. During that time, Frosts played a crucial role in constructing and maintaining the landscapes for both the Olympic Games and its legacy. Frosts has consistently been recognized for their unwavering commitment to delivering landscape projects of the highest quality. They have earned a well-deserved reputation and the respect of their peers within the industry.

  • How do you see your role in the company?

    My primary responsibility is to set the overall vision and direction for the Company, ensuring that it aligns with our long-term goals and objectives. This includes making the critical decisions that drive the company forward and shape its future. In my leadership role I also see myself as a facilitator of growth and development. It is my role to create a supportive and inspiring environment where my fellow employee owners can thrive and achieve their full potential.

  • What would you like to see in terms of Frosts Legacy 10-50-100 years from now?

    The Frosts brand holds a strong reputation and has established itself over a significant period of time, continuously making positive impacts to the external environment for more than five decades. In this industry, your commitment and effort extend towards the future. By planting trees that have a lifespan of over a century, we are committing to a future that surpasses our role within a Company.

    I have three aspirations for the Company:

    1. To foster the growth of both the Company and its employee owners, enabling them to develop both professionally and personally.

    2. To consistently generate a positive impact on the landscape, creating spaces that benefit both people and nature.

    3. To become the leading go-to name for all things related to landscape.

  • Our priority at Frosts, an employee-owned business, are the individuals who contribute to our success.
  • What marks Frosts out from the competitors?

    I consider myself fortunate to be amid a dedicated team of employee owners who demonstrate an unwavering dedication to upholding quality standards and providing exceptional customer service. Under the guidance of effective leaders, Frosts has achieved a remarkable record of accomplishments, exemplified by over 80 BALI National Landscape Awards. These accolades further solidify its position as a prominent player in the industry.

  • Where do you see your core values and beliefs represented in what you do?

    Throughout my professional journey, my values and beliefs have evolved. However, two values that I continually strive to embody are authenticity and integrity. These principles guide my daily actions and are qualities I look for and admire in others.

    As I have advanced into leadership positions, I have come to recognize the significance of courage and communicating a clear vision. These attributes are essential in shaping a Company and developing its people.

    I firmly believe in creating an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration; encouraging everyone to share their distinct ideas and perspectives, so that we can collectively succeed.

  • What’s great/important/matters about Frosts?

    Our priority at Frosts, an employee-owned business, are the individuals who contribute to our success. It is those people who are dedicated to ensuring excellence in every aspect of our operations, from the initial project inquiry to the final handover of the site to our valued clients.

  • How do you get inspired/ what inspires you?

    The natural world is undoubtedly the most inspiring to me and I am always amazed by its resilience and ability to adapt. In work I draw inspiration from individuals who have guided and mentored me, as well as those whom I have had the privilege of leading. Witnessing their achievements and sharing in their triumphs brings me great satisfaction and motivation.

  • I draw inspiration from individuals who have guided and mentored me, as well as those whom I have had the privilege of leading.
  • What tree/plant and why?

    Far too many to name one but if I can have two it’s; Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’ - a plant you smell before you see and it comes to life in the depths of Winter; and Ginkgo biloba - fantastic autumn colour and is a living fossil remaining largely unchanged in 180 million years which is mind boggling.

  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?

    My time out is focussed very much on my family, garden and enjoying a cycle, run or walk in the countryside I call home. It comes as no surprise that I get great pleasure from visiting gardens, parks and/or historic landscapes.

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