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  • eFig Awards 2014

    Design and Installation

    Project: Network Rail HQ - Interior

    As part of a larger landscaping contract Frosts installed the interior plants at the new Network Rail Headquarters in Milton Keynes. This project won a Gold Leaf award in its category and also secured the Judges’ Commendation (equivalent to the BALI Principal Award).

  • eFig 2014 Awards

    Design and Installation

    Project: Fortnum & Mason St Pancras

    Frosts Landscape Construction was commissioned by Fortnum & Mason, London to install and decorate a 40ft Christmas tree to mark the launch of their first new store in more than 300 years, located within the busy St Pancras train station. This project won a Gold Leaf award in the Christmas Design and Installation category.

  • 2013 BALI Awards - NEO Bankside

    Hard Landscaping £300k - £1.5m

    Project: NEO Bankside

    High quality hard landscaping set within exclusive residential development, providing public realm link between Bankside and Tate modern, as well as private pocket park gardens for residents. Scope of works included bespoke granite paving, paddle stepping stones, steps and wall cladding; bespoke granite 'bridge' walls; ACO drainage, and installation of stainless steel lettering and boundary markers within the paving.

    The judges' commented:

    “This scheme has the wow factor, eye to detail, crisp and clean.  High-quality scheme built on a podium is in essence a roof garden.  The scheme is very professional, catering equality for the private flat dwellers and a walk-through for pedestrians.”

  • 2013 BALI Award - Network Rail

    Interior Landscaping (Installation Only)

    Project: Network Rail, Milton Keynes

    The internal planting to eight separate locations, four of which were in annex buildings included seven species of Ficus, a Bucida buceras, 29 Raphsis excelsa bushes, 4 Dracaena marginiata, 225 Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri, and 155 Sanserveria Laurentii. Great care was needed because of the size of trees, and the air temperature and humidity required. To enable the large trees to be turned in the atrium (to encourage even growth) the tree pits have golf balls under the containers to allow movement.

  • 2013 BALI Award - Library of Birmingham

    Green Roof Installations and Roof Gardens

    Project: Library of Birmingham

    The Library has two outdoor terraces, both accessible by the public and have contrasting atmospheres and qualities.

    Level 3 - Inspired by the English ‘knot garden’ theme. Raised flowerbeds enclosed by evergreen Buxus sempervirens hedges, filled with culinary herbs, and fragrant cottage style garden plants add colour, height and texture. Evergreen plants for the more wind-exposed spaces, and several small multi-stem trees punctuate the space and provide height and movement.

    Level 7 - Has a quieter more intimate atmosphere, reflecting its position higher up the building overlooking the wider city. Winding paths guide you through the garden, where you’ll discover circular shaped seating areas surrounded by natural planting to create enclosed, intimate places.

    The judges' commented:

    “The scheme comprises two large outdoor terrace areas on this stunning new public building in the centre of Birmingham.  The quality of work on this logistically challenging project, where materials had to be craned in, is excellent throughout.”

  • 2013 BALI Award - Jubilee Gardens

    Maintenance under £50k

    Project: Jubilee Gardens

    Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank, London is 1.6 hectares and is a combination of flowing lawns with individual trees and low level planting beds. It also has a snaking granite footpath with stone seating, and a highly used play area. The majority of the grounds maintenance works need to be completed early in the morning as by around eleven ‘o’clock the lawns are full with people making mowing impossible. As part of our maintenance regime, the whole park is checked early in the morning, and any overnight stains are spot cleaned, and any damage to the shrub beds is repaired.

  • 2013 BALI Award - NEO Bankside (Soft)

    Soft Landscaping £300k - £1.5m

    Project: NEO Bankside

    The scheme was part of London’s luxury NEO Bankside development next to the Tate Modern. Frosts worked closely with the Landscape Architect (Gillespies) to create a series of richly-detailed garden spaces around the footprint of the contemporary apartment pavilions, which were designed by architects RSHP.

    The landscape blends private garden spaces with tree-lined linear groves of Alder and Birch trees. To introduce a high level of biodiversity, large tracts of native plants set within the grove of trees to provide a ‘bank’ of flowers, seeds and nesting material that will encourage a range of wildlife to the space. A sedum roof was built on top of the bin storage areas, and an orchard of seasonal fruiting trees and a well-stocked herb garden give residents access to the produce, encouraging active participation in the management of the gardens.

    The judges' commented:

    “The luxury development next to the Tate Modern in London experiences high footfall.  The soft planting is excellent with good density and no gaps, which creates a real wow factor.  The entire scheme is, in fact, a roof garden and contains some interesting features, including a sedum roof on top of the bin store area to encourage bees and butterflies.  A charming city-centre space.”

  • 2013 BALI Award - Abbeygate Vizion

    Maintenance under £50k

    Project: Abbeygate Vizion

    Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd originally built the garden and now we maintain both the soft and hard landscaping. The garden is situated above a large supermarket surrounded by 307 apartment, which adds its own challenges especially regarding access onto the roof. All maintenance equipment, materials, man power and green waste removals are though the service lift, and have to be pre-planned.

    The grounds maintenance services includes the herbaceous, annual and permanent shrub beds; herb garden; pond and water feature; and a lawn care programme.

  • 2013 BALI Award - Wood Wharf

    Soft Landscaping £300k - £1.5m

    Project: Wood Wharf Park

    The remit of the works was to transform a previously cleared 1970s warehouse site paved with tarmac into a temporary park with a lifespan of two to four years. Initially the park was a venue to celebrate the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and it hosted an array of super yachts visiting 2012 events. Subsequently it will be a venue for relaxation, entertainment, temporary markets and sports.

  • 2013 BALI Award - Buckingham Gate

    Green Roof Installations and Roof Gardens

    Project: Buckingham Gate

    62 Buckingham Gate is a major new landmark office building, with extended public realm around the base of the building forming new boutique retail and leisure destinations for the area. It is a striking angular glazed building conceived by Pelli Clarke Pelli and Swanke Hayden & Connel.

    We were asked to construct the intensive and extensive roof gardens as well as a living wall along the ground floor public space. The roof garden space, spread over three floors (11,12 & 13) has created a tranquil resting area for office staff with unparalleled views of London City.

  • 2012 BALI Principal Award & 40th Anniversary Commemorative Award - Olympics

    Soft Landscaping over £1.5 million

    Project: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    Landscape Architect: LDA Design with Hargreaves Associates (LDAH), Arup & Atkins

    A joint submission between: Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd, Gavin Jones Ltd, White Horse Contractors Ltd & Willerby Landscapes Ltd.

    The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, one of the largest to be built of its kind in the UK this century, is over 100 hectares of much needed new parklands in East London. BALI contractors worked in close collaboration with Landscape Architects and the Olympic Development Authority to transform this once derelict and polluted site into a ‘Green Legacy’ park for future generations.

    The landscaping of the main Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park played a vital role, creating a natural parkland setting with stunning wild flower meadows, wetland habitats, gardens and spectator lawn areas. Approximately 50% of the park provides diverse new areas of wildlife habitat including reedbeds, grasslands, ponds and woodlands along with artificial kingfisher and sand martin nesting banks, two otter holts and many bird and bat boxes that have been incorporated within bridges, retaining walls and venues.

    The judges' commented:

    “As a nation, we have celebrated the achievements of Team GB Olympic and Paralympic athletes and recognised the superb organisation of professionals and volunteers to stage the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The landscaping of the main Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park played a vital role, creating a natural parkland setting with stunning wild flower meadows, wetland habitats, gardens and spectator lawn areas.  BALI contractors worked in close collaboration with Landscape Architects and the Olympic Development Authority to transform this once derelict and polluted site into a ‘Green Legacy’ park for future generations.  The vast scale and challenging environment of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was approached with confidence and professionalism by BALI contractors whilst working closely with leading industry specialists in meadow plantation from Sheffield University to trial and perfect this relatively new and exciting naturalistic landscape technique.”

  • 2012 BALI Principal Award - Peacehaven

    Green Roof Installations & Roof Gardens

    Project: Peacehaven

    Landscape Architect: Montgomery Watson Harza

    Peacehaven is the largest grass roof of its kind in Britain sited near Brighton. The green roof project for Southern Water at its Wastewater Treatment Works (WTW) is also probably one of the largest green roofs installed in Europe with a 200mm depth of substrate. The 17,800m2 development (equivalent to 4½ full sized football pitches) has been designed to blend the works into the surrounding landscape.

    The judges' commented:

    “This is a fine example of a successful contract and research programme. The treatment plant is not visible from the neighbouring housing except for the green roof which blends naturally within the surrounding Sussex Downs.”

  • 2012 BALI Award - Jubilee Gardens

    Hard Landscaping over £1.5 million

    Project: Jubilee Gardens

    Landscape Architect: West 8

    Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd were appointed as the main contractor in September 2011 to transform Jubilee Gardens riverside park on the South Bank in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games. The regeneration of the public space restored the flat and featureless space into a new lush green landscape (1.6 hectares), which will included a playground, trees, flowerbeds, lawns, paths, seating, lighting and granite edging. The new gardens continue to afford open views between Riverside Walk and the base of the London Eye across to Shell centre with its prominent tower. The topography will permit improved views of the river and of the phase of Westminster through the London Eye.

    The judges' commented:

    “A high profile scheme with high specifications and a high level of build and craftsmanship.  Good detail in the granite setts.  All levels 1st class and working well in heavy rainfall.  Good height construction all around the scheme to allow for sitting and the joints between the granite setts are perfect.”

  • 2012 BALI Award - Parkway

    Hard Landscaping £300,000 - £1.5 million

    Project: Parkway

    Landscape Architect: Building Design Partnership

    Newbury in Berkshire is being transformed with a new vibrant ‘streetscape’ retail scheme. The scheme is being developed by the Shearer Property Group, backed by Standard Life Investments. As the Landscape contractor we have already added value to this £3m package by essential value engineering, which was required in order to get the scheme within budget. In order not to lose the initial design intent we worked closely with the Landscape Architect (BDP) and the Project Team to keep things on track. High quality materials were chosen for the scheme to knit the existing historic areas of the town with the proposed new buildings.

    The judges' commented:

    “Very sharp workmanship, good execution.  An eye to detail has delivered good straight paving lines with excellent cuts to match in with existing and detail to manhole covers. The degree of difficulty was high as many trades were working all at once in same area.”

  • 2011 BALI Principal Award - Mint Hotel

    Green Roofs/Living Walls

    Project: Mint Hotel

    Landscape Architect: Bennetts Associates

    A quality project of real endeavour, challenging and yet sustainable, with positive environmental and biodiversity benefits for London. 1025 sqm of green vertical walls over 11 floors of the hotel viewed by guests staying on floors facing inwards to the central atrium. Further living wall wraps around the building on all four elevations between floors 9-11. The rooftop terrace restaurant has green roofs of Sedum matting mixed with wild flower seed. Containers of herbs cut fresh by the chefs for use in the restaurant. Bee activity was very noticeable on plants. An outstanding achievement by the contractor.

    The judges' commented:

    “This is an absolutely brilliant scheme. The 12th floor boasts a sedum roof with wildflowers, beehives, and planters with fresh herbs used regularly by the hotel’s restaurant chefs. The north and south walls have been covered with plants selected specifically for the living wall environment and kept alive successfully using a triple feed irrigation system. This is a quite unbelievable scheme and an amazing feat by the contractor. Vast and brilliant.”

Landscape Construction

  • Vizion, Milton Keynes - 2009 BALI Award for Soft Landscaping Construction: Under 1 hectare
  • Ropemaker Place, London - 2009 BALI Award for Soft Landscaping Construction: Under 1 hectare
  • Ropemaker Place, London - 2009 BALI Award for Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Frank Banfield Park, Hammersmith - 2009 BALI Award for Land Renewal and Regeneration Scheme
  • EBI Wellcome Trust, Genome Capmus, Cambridge - 2008 BALI Award for Hard Landscaping - construction cost under £300,00
  • Millennium Gardens – BALI Principal Award for Landscaping
  • The Said Business School, Oxford – BALI Silver Award for Landscaping
  • Short Term Car Park Stanstead Airport – BALI Merit Award
  • ParkWalk, Chelsea – BALI Award for Mainly Hard Landscaping
  • GCHQ Cheltenham – BALI Award for Mainly Hard Landscaping
  • Moore Place Hotel, Aspley Guise – BALI Merit Award for Soft Landscaping
  • Southfields, Northampton – BALI Merit Award for Soft Landscaping

Interior Landscapes

  • Milton Keynes Shopping Centre – BALI Award for Interior Landscaping, Maintenance Only
  • The Royals Business Park, London – BALI Award for Interior Landscape Installation
  • Beechwood Shopping Centre, Cheltenham – BALI Principal Award for Installation & Maintenance
  • Beechwood Shopping Centre, Cheltenham – BALI Principal Award for design
  • Crosby Court, Bishopsgate – BALI Award for Installation
  • Britannic Assurance, Birmingham – BALI Principal Award for Installation
  • Oasis Holiday Village, Cumbria – BALI Principal Award for Installation
  • Milton Keynes Shopping Centre – BALI Principal Award for Installation
  • Winter Gardens Milton Keynes – BALI Principal Award for Installation
  • Winter Gardens Milton Keynes – BALI Principal Award for Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

  • MK Parks – BALI Award for Grounds Maintenance of Business & Private Grounds
  • EON UK, Coventry – BALI Award for Grounds Maintenance of Business & Private Grounds
  • Caldecotte Business Park, Milton Keynes – BALI Award for Grounds Maintenance of Business & Private Grounds

Garden Design & Construction

  • Baskerfield Grove, Milton Keynes – BALI Award for Domestic Garden Scheme
  • The Devereux Project, Shefford – BALI Award for Domestic Garden Scheme
  • The Clark Project, Wilstead – BALI Award for Domestic Garden Scheme
  • Domestic garden near Towcester – BALI Principal Award
  • Piggott Drive, Milton Keynes – BALI Award for Domestic Garden Scheme


Other Awards

  • 2006 Construction News Award - Specialist Contractor of the Year - Landscaping & Sports Contracting
  • 2006 Horticulture Week Award - Landscape Contractor of the Year